May 23, 2022  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hospitality Management and Tourism, B.S.

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The Hospitality Management and Tourism program focuses on the specialized knowledge needed for careers in the hospitality industry. The degree develops graduates who are consumer and technology focused within the service industry. Couse work integrates hospitality marketing strategies, communications and financial management through a curriculum focused on management of facilities and operations that provide hospitality services to the public.

The curriculum challenges students to exercise an integration of creativity and business components for various tourism services such as, Food & Beverage, Lodging, Attractions, Convention and Meeting Planning, Non-Profit Management, and Special Event Coordinating. The hospitality and tourism industries are rapidly growing; as the United States’ second largest employer, a degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism provides many career opportunities for graduates.

Internships are a required component of the program, which can lead to permanent professional placement. The internship provides students with first-hand experience in hospitality and tourism related fields, allowing them to exercise classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. Visit us at:

Entrance Requirement

The minimum grade-point average for entrance of all students into the Hospitality Management and Tourism program is 2.0.

Graduation Requirement

Students must fulfill all prerequisites and achieve a grade of C or better in all HMT and RTM courses that are major requirements, and DHN 342  . Each student must complete the following:

  1. Complete UK Core requirements.
  2. Complete 120 credit hours with a minimum grade-point average of 2.0.
  3. Complete the required curriculum in the major program.

UK Core Requirements

See the UK Core section of this Bulletin for the complete UK Core requirements . The courses listed below are (a) recommended by the college, or (b) required courses that also fulfill UK Core areas. Students should work closely with their advisor to complete the UK Core requirements.

I. Intellectual Inquiry in Arts and Creativity

II. Intellectual Inquiry in the Humanities

III. Intellectual Inquiry in the Social Sciences

IV. Intellectual Inquiry in the Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences

V. Composition and Communication I

VI. Composition and Communication II

VII. Quantitative Foundations

VIII. Statistical Inferential Reasoning

IX. Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA


UK Core hours: 31

Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement (GCCR)

Subtotal: Graduation Composition and Communication Requirement hours (GCCR): 3

Premajor Requirements

Two semesters of a single foreign language chosen from: Arabic; Chinese; English as a Second Language; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Russian; Spanish; and Sign Language (exclude: Latin, Hebrew, Greek) Credit(s): 8

Diversity Requirements

Subtotal: Diversity Requirement hours: 6

Subtotal: Premajor hours: 36

Major Requirements

Subtotal: Major Core hours: 33

Professional Support

Subtotal: Professional Support hours: 9

Subtotal: Major Selection: 15

Plus additional upper-level credits to complete 45 hours of 300-400-500 level classes.

Subtotal: Major Requirements: 47


Electives should be selected by the student to lead to the minimum total of 120 hours required for graduation.

Subtotal: Minimum Elective hours: 6


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